The Beginning of Something New

For quite some time, I have been really tempted to start my very own blog. I have a lot of things to say, and well, my husband can only take so much. So, here it is in all its glory. My very own blog. I have never really blogged before so I am not sure what this is going to become really, but my big plans for Little House in the Forest is to chronicle the happenings of my little life, in our little house in the forest. This will be a diary, of sorts, to unhinge my pent up thoughts, share my inspiration and chronicle the happenings that will someday be sweet memories.

My name is Chelsea, and I am a twenty-something who loves life. I am newly married to my one true love, an amazing man that makes me laugh every day and supports me in all that I do. I truly am a better person for having him in my life. I am also a mom to a seriously awesome little boy, who is jumping into the toddler phase and not looking back. I can’t believe I am a mom to a toddler (life moves so fast!), but each day is new and exciting. I am so lucky for both of my boys and the happy life that we live together. My family is the most important thing in the world to me, hands down.

I am also an aspiring midwife. I am just beginning my journey, and although I have absolutely no idea how I will get me there at this point, I am seriously so excited to take this new road in life and enjoy the ride. The world needs more midwives, as it is such an important profession for women during their childbearing years, and I feel a deep sense of humbleness that I will someday be a part of an ancient practice that has been passed down from women for thousands of years. It excites me down to my bones and I can’t learn enough about everything surrounding the profession and natural birth.

I am a lactivist, vegetarian supporter of a greener, more peaceful and loving Earth. I am crazy about gardening, chicken rearing and starting things from scratch. I love cooking, baking and creating recipes – which I will share here (mostly for my own safe keeping, since I am really bad at writing them down!). I am very much into more of an au naturale style of living – clean eating, natural remedies and natural parenting. I love to DIY anything that I can, and will share all of my inspirations and projects here.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I am just happy living life and enjoying each day that comes my way. This little slice of internet ¬†will be a place of ramblings, recipes, how-to’s and adventures. I really hope that something I share here on my own cyber soap box may inspire you to try something new, or at the very least, entertain you for a few minutes! Thanks for stopping by!